Technical Roadmap

Feb 2024
Virtual Rollup 1.0: The Trustless UX Update
  • VR1.0 is a highly performant ZK State Channel with ZeroGas and Millisecond settlement
  • VR1.0 transactions are validated directly by the user in their browser
  • VR1.0 is integrated into partner GameFi DApps to test demand and stress-tech the tech
  • VR1.0 proves demand for better UX among users and DApps
Aug 2024
Virtual Rollup 1.1: The DeFi Update
  • VR1.1 supports new use cases, such as DEXes and other DeFi applications
  • VR1.1 will power VDEX
  • VR1.1 is a general-purpose ZK State Channel, not GameFi-specific
Sept 2024
Virtual Rollup 1.2: The Crosschain Update
  • VR1.2 enables deposits from multiple chains to trade in one unified orderbook
  • VR1.2 = N chains, 1 orderbook
Q4 2024
Virtual Rollup 1.3: The Unified Liquidity Update
  • VR1.3 allows other perpDEXes and DeFi protocols to access one unified orderbook
  • VR1.3 = N DEXes, 1 orderbook
Q1 2025
Virtual Rollup 2: The Industry Standard Update
  • VR2.0 is EVM compatible
  • VR2.0 DApp integrations take 10 minutes, not 10 days. This dramatically reduces cost too
Q2 2025
Virtual Rollup 2.1: The Multichain Update
  • VR2.1 supports SVM, Cosmwasm, Ton VM, Near VM contracts
  • VR2.1 launches VDEX on Solana, Cosmos, Ton, Near and more
Virtual Rollup 2.2: The Omnichain Update
  • VR2.2 allows Virtual Rollups to connect with each other so user can play new DApps without MetaMask interactions. Previously, changing DApps requires withdrawing and redepositing on the new Virtual Rollup
  • VR2.2 completely abstracts blockchains and eliminates gas, creating the “Virtual Experience”

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