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Yale universityYale universityHarvard composable finance

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co chilli
Partnering together to eliminate
gas fees and latency for on-chain
betting by over 90%
Virtual and Biconomy are jointly
eliminating user frictions in
Web3 via Account Abstraction
and Virtual Rollups
Manta Network
Virtual Labs is deployed on
Manta Network, reducing the
number of clicks down to one
Virtual labs beta partnerVirtual labs beta partnerVirtual labs beta partnerDiviner Protocol - Virtual labs beta partnerDogegoal - Virtual labs beta partnerMises - Virtual labs beta partnerMetacade - Virtual labs beta partner
hopiumbet - Virtual labs beta partnerdedprz - Virtual labs beta partnerbeecasino - Virtual labs beta partnerall your base - Virtual labs beta partner

Virtual Labs' powerful and easy to use SDK makes gasless transactions possible for your users

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How it works

Virtual Rollups SDK

Connect with us to download our Virtual Rollup SDK

Book a call with Virtual Labs here


Follow the integration guide to enable Virtual Rollups

You can find everything you need in our docs and dev integration calls

Virtual labs

Deploy your app on the chain of your choice

Virtual Rollups are chain agnostic and ready for your app now!

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Nov 2022

Accepted into Binance Season 5 Incubator as “Ontropy”

May 2023

Sept 2023

OP Crypto VCLeads Virtual Labs Pre-Seed Round

Virtual Rollup Beta Launches with First 10 Partners

Oct 2023

Rebranded to Virtual Labs

Nov 2023

Virtual Labs Co-Host Workable Web3 Summit with Manta Network

Jan 2024

Feb 2024

Virtual Wallet Testnet Launch!

Virtual Rollup Mainnet Launch!

May 2024

Mainnet Madness!

Late 2024 / Early 2025

Token Generation Event

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