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Virtual Labs is seeking a skilled and dedicated marketer and business developer with experience in crafting campaigns from partnership AMAs, shared blog posts, and other engaging content. The candidate should be based familiar with the Web3 Gaming Market, ideally with existing blockchain gaming relationships and experience.



In this role, you will become an integral member of a team dedicated to delivering real value through cutting-edge cryptographic technologies that enhance the functionality, security, and user experience of Web3.
This position is full-time. Compensation includes competitive salary and equity.

Virtual Labs is delivering Free Gas, Web2 UX for Web3 Games. Virtual Labs graduated from Binance’s Season 5 Incubator, raised a pre-seed investment round in the bottom of the bear market, and have selected 10 games as a part of our closed beta. Our team is made up of a Yale Dropout, two cryptography PhDs, and a collective decades of Web3 and business experience. Together, with you, we are going to overcome the limits of the blockchain and deliver it to the masses.

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