Mainnet Madness kicks off with Dedprz CoinFlip launch

Dedprz marks Virtual’s first partner mainnet game. Get ready for MAINNET MADNESS!

Since the start of the year, Virtual has worked diligently to onboard as many new partners as possible. At long last, the time has come to publicly launch these games.

For the next 10+ weeks, Virtual will complete approximately one public launch per week – ordinarily one testnet game or one mainnet game - with some flexibility in order to add new games, address potential development issues, and make improvements. All of the games launched are built on Virtual Rollups V1 and require no in-game gas fees or latency. We’re also introducing a new code referral system for Virtualizers to share with their friends. Lastly, we’re doing the largest giveaway we’ve ever done in collaboration with Dedprz. This is the ultimate opportunity to earn Virtual Points, multiply your current Point balance, and secure maximum rewards before the final payday.

How can Virtualizers participate and earn through Mainnet Madness?

For the duration of Mainnet Madness, users can earn Virtual Points by playing and making moves on all of the games Virtual partners with. Dedprz CoinFlip on Ethereum Mainnet marks the first official mainnet game to be part of the madness! Playing mainnet games, like Dedprz, will lead to earning more Virtual Points than testnet games, but users can earn Virtual Points by playing both. Here’s how to start earning:

Earn Virtual Points while playing partner games

When a partner game is on testnet, one in-game action will correspond to 5,000 Virtual Points. When a partner game is on mainnet, one in-game action will correspond to 25,000 points. Users will be limited to earning 1,000,000 Virtual Points per day across all games. Your point balance will automatically update in your Virtual Wallet.

Earn Virtual Points through bug bounty

In the testnet and mainnet phase, we will highly reward users who report bugs in the games and make suggestions about improvements. Depending on the severity of the bug, the rewards will vary from 500 Virtual Points (for small UI bugs) to 500,000+ Virtual Points (critical issues, hacks, or serious vulnerabilities). The specific number of points you can earn after reporting a bug will be left to the Virtual team’s discretion, and simply making a cosmetic suggestion (or reporting a bug that doesn’t exist) will not be rewarded with Points.

In order to report a bug, join our Discord server then report the issue in the “Mainnet Madness bug bounty channel.” Our Discord moderators will see all the bugs reported there, so the Virtual team can review them and distribute rewards accordingly. 

Earn Virtual Points by referring your friends

Earning Virtual Points with bonus codes is back! To earn 50,000 bonus Virtual Points, you can type in a friend’s referral code to the code section of your Virtual Wallet Extension

If you’re new to the Virtual Wallet, this is the perfect way to start collecting Virtual Points, but, even if you’ve had the Virtual Wallet extension for a while, you’re able to earn a new 10,000 Point bonus everyday! However you can only use a given code once, so each day you need to find a new code in order to receive the bonus. Joining our Discord is the perfect way to find new codes each day. We will also be distributing special bonus codes to our gaming partners which will give users special power ups, e.g. 2x points per game or access to a special loot box. To access and learn about the partner bonus codes, be sure to follow us on X/Twitter!

We are tracking user’s Virtual Points balance through the Virtual Points Leaderboard, so don’t miss out on future rewards for the top Points holders!

Earn Virtual Points in our largest giveaway ever!

Finally, to celebrate Dedprz CoinFlip being on Ethereum mainnet, we are collaboratively doing a three day giveaway to reward the biggest CoinFlip bettors! We will reward the five users who risk the most over the next seven days of playing. Here are the rewards for the five biggest bettors from 5/8 - 5/15:

Biggest Bettor: $250 USDC & 1000 USA & 500,000 Virtual Points

Second place: $100 USDC & 500 USA & 250,000 Virtual Points

Third place: $75 USDC & 400 USA & 100,000 Virtual Points

Fourth place: $50 USDC & 300 USA & 50,000 Virtual Points

Fifth place: $25 USDC & 200 USA & 25,000 Virtual Points

This is the largest giveaway we’ve ever done and a great opportunity to become a Virtual Points whale (;

You can already start earning Virtual Points by playing CoChilli, Hopium, BeeCasino, and AllYourBase on testnet, and Dedprz on mainnet. More launches are coming soon too, including a super secret internal project. You can find all of the live games here. The last project will remain cloaked until it is ready, but we are very excited to announce a new product that the Virtual Labs team is building. More information will be available soon for the launch.

This is the most ambitious campaign we’ve ever launched. We want to give out as many Virtual Points as possible over the next ten weeks, so be sure to play the games, report bugs, and stay updated in our community!

As usual, follow Virtual on Twitter and join our Discord for the most up to date information!