Parabolic Growth

30,000 Users, 75,000 Zero-Gas Bets

José.Virtual | Jan 10, 2024

Virtual’s Wallet launch alongside partners Manta and CoChilli has gone parabolic. Let’s take a look at this 37,200% overnight growth. To keep up with this growth, I’ve doubled the size of our tech team with additions of an engineer from the Mina Foundation and a Solana global hackathon winner.

Source: Virtual Labs

By The Numbers

Perhaps the most telling graph of Virtual’s success over the past seven days in website traffic. On the graph below, the hundreds of daily users are not even visible compared to the peak of the Virtual Wallet launch. 

28-Day Chart of Website Traffic, Source: Clicky, Virtual Labs

These incredible results are mirrored in Virtual’s X account

90-Day Chart of Follower Growth on X, Source: TweetHunter, Virtual Labs

Even subscribers to this newsletter have increased by 190 people, or 20% in one week! Be sure to subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Furthermore, Virtual Wallet installs have skyrocketed from zero to nearly 30,000 in seven days. Perhaps even more impressive, ZeroGas transactions catapulted from zero to 75,000 since Sunday, when betting went online.

Users have also earned great rewards by referring hundreds of their friends and followers, with first place already above 50 million points! You can also view these numbers live on our homepage.

All-time leaderboard as of Wednesday, Source: Virtual Wallet

The Virtual Wallet was installed over 20,000 times!

Source: Chrome Web Store

Finally, our Virtual Wallet announcement post way was by far and away our most popular ever, seen by over 160,000!

Source: X, Virtual Labs

Leaderboard Winners and New Rewards

Today kicks off a new campaign of rewards within the Virtual Wallet leaderboard. Last week millions of Virtual Points were distributed as well as a pool of 500 USDT. This week, rewards will continue to be huge.

First place will receive 50 USDT and 500,000 Virtual Points

Second place will get 25 USDT and 250,000 Virtual Points

Third place will win 10 USDT and 100,000 Virtual Points

The rest of the top 10 weekly winners will be awarded 5 USDT and 50,000 Virtual Points

11th to 100th place get 15,000 Virtual Points!

See the leaderboard here.

This week, we’ve also decided to 10x Virtual Point rewards for playing games, this includes 5,000 Virtual Points earned per CoChilli bet! The daily cap rises from 5,000 to 50,000 from betting.

Additionally, our partners at CoChilli have also decided to launch a campaign for the top traders of their betting game, which you can access through the Virtual Wallet!

The top 100 CoChilli traders from now until next Tuesday, January 16th, at 13:00 UTC who post on X and tag @CoChilli_io and @0xVirtualLabs, similar to the below Tweet, will be entered to win CoChilli’s Scoville Points and $USDC!

Source: X, Virtual Labs

The top CoChilli trader on will earn 25 USDC and 180 Scoville!

Second gets 20 USDC and 140 Scoville

Third wins 15 USDC and 120 Scoville

4th - 10th 10 USDC and 20 Scoville

11th to 50th 3 USDC and 8 Scoville

And the 51st to 100th top traders will earn 2 Scoville each!

Be sure to check out their full post here and remember winners must Tweet and tag to receive their rewards!

What’s Coming?

If you have a code, you can install the Virtual Wallet here and play CoChilli here!

Here’s the beautiful binary options betting platform you can play now:

Source: CoChilli, Virtual Labs

In addition to CoChilli, we’re excited to introduce a new project for you to play next week! In the next few weeks, Virtual will be launching on new chains as well. This is only the beginning, we’re excited to have you for the journey.

In addition to weekly leaderboard rewards, don’t forget that the top 100 all-time Virtual Point winners earn a key to deposit ETH and refer friends for our February 29th mainnet launch!

Don’t forget 10x Virtual Point rewards on CoChilli betting this week! Make sure to have the extension installed so actions can be fairly tracked.

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