Testnet Launch and Guide

Try it out now and Earn Rewards

José.virtual | Sep 20, 2023

The Virtual Wallet is live! In today’s short post, I’m going to walk you through how to appreciate the benefits and earn rewards from this exciting innovation. Let’s dive in ->

Testnet Launch and Guide
Source: Virtual Labs

How to Use it

Head over to wallet.virtual.tech to begin. You’ll need to connect your wallet and switch to Polygon’s Mumbai Testnet RPC. We’ll be supporting more chains soon and making this process easier, but for early testers, here’s how to switch. The RPC URL is: https://rpc-mumbai.maticvigil.com/ the Chain ID is 80001 and the Block Explorer URL is  https://mumbai.polygonscan.com. 

The next thing you’ll see is a screen with two wallets. The left is your traditional wallet with funds that require gas and waiting to move. The right is your balance on the Virtual Wallet. You can get testnet MATIC and USDC on the left side for free through the buttons. Afterwards, deposit the test funds from your Polygon wallet to the Virtual Wallet.

Source: Virtual Labs

You’ll see the change after opening MetaMask, clicking approve, and waiting several seconds. After you have funds on the Virtual Wallet, you’ll never have to pay gas, wait, or click on MetaMask again! These are the annoying frictions the Ontropy Team has worked to remove. You can now send available funds on the Ontropy Network to other people! You’ll notice the transactions go through quickly and without gas or Metamask. For recipients to see their funds, they can go to wallet.virtual.tech or you can send them this guide to walk through the process.

To recap:

  1. Open wallet.virtual.tech (and be careful which links you trust! Virtual Labs is not on mainnet and will not ask for your funds.
  2. Connect your wallet to Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  3. Collect free testnet MATIC and USDC
  4. Deposit this from your wallet into the Virtual Labs
  5. Send and enjoy!

With the Virtual Wallet, you can send unlimited gasless and instant transactions without wallet frictions!

ORB Rewards

The Virtual Wallet will reward loyal Ontroopers through a decentralized bug bounty for error discovery and general testing. Details of ORB distribution will be released in the coming weeks. During this time, be sure to complete some free transactions as this data will be used to determine who is eligible for the bug bounty and other airdrops.

Thank you for reading!

Be sure to join our Discord and share your thoughts for a possible special airdrop 👀.

And read last week’s post to learn more about what the Virtual Wallet is and how it’s changing the game.

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