Ontropy Becomes Virtual Labs

Zero Knowledge, Zero Friction

José.virtual | Oct, 18 2023

I am excited to announce that Ontropy is changing its name to Virtual Labs! This change aligns our company name with our products, Virtual Rollups and Virtual Bridge, is easier to spell, and is self-descriptive.

Source: Virtual Labs

Reasoning Behind the Name Change

Our core values and mission have not changed. They are simply clarified now.

Ontropy derived from “Onchain Entropy,” which made sense when our focus was verifiably fair randomness. Virtual Labs fits with our modern products of the Virtual Rollup and Virtual Bridge. Together, these names clearly explain what our mission is: to abstract complexity away and deliver a seamless user experience.

It will also allow us to rename the Ontropy Network to match Virtual Bridge and Virtual Rollups. Previously, the product names had been split between “Virtual [product]” and “Ontropy [product].” This was because our domain was ontropy.io, so all consumer-facing products had to be called “Ontropy” [product] to align with SEO and common sense (a product found at network.ontropy.io cannot be called Virtual Network).

We have a new domain: virtual.tech! It was premium, but well worth it as all of our products can now follow the same naming pattern. Thus, the Ontropy Network becomes the Virtual Wallet and can be found at wallet.virtual.tech. This is super simple and super clean.

The Virtual Wallet is also a better name for a product because it is self-explanatory. It is a place for users to visualize all of their assets from multiple chains in one place. Virtual signifies not real and abstract: the Virtual Wallet (formerly Ontropy Network) is indeed just a clean interface that eliminates gas and latency for the user to abstract frictions.

This goes for the company name as well. Virtual Labs is a project that virtualizes existing products through zero knowledge proofs, improving experience.

We’ve also opted for a new catchphrase: Zero Knowledge, Zero Friction. Zero Knowledge stands for the prior information required, and for ZK proofs. Zero Friction, of course, is our promise for integration and use of all Virtual Labs products.

We’ve decided to make this change now as there will be a very special announcement bringing a lot of new users to our platform very soon :).

So, welcome to Virtual Labs! Our promise is Zero Knowledge, Zero Friction and our mission is Overcoming the Limits of the Blockchain. We are happy to have you with us.

Other “Sub-Name” Changes

In accordance with the name of our company and brand name changing, our token, community name, and logo will also become different.

$ORB will become $VRTL, Ontroopers will become Virtualizers, and the classic O logo will be updated by an image of the community’s choosing.

To help decide our future logo, we are extending our Discord competition for logo submissions to this Friday. Details in the announcements section with our new discord.gg/virtuallabs link.

You are also encouraged to refer to us simply as “Virtual.”

Thank you for reading! Follow for more updates at our new X handle: https://x.com/0xVirtualLabs.

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