Virtual Labs Joins Blockchain Life 2024

Virtual Labs CEO will present a keynote at the renowned Dubai crypto conference

Virtual Labs is thrilled to be joining Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai as a keynote project! Our CEO, Jose Betancourt, will be giving a keynote speech about the technical breakthrough happening in ZK State Channels as well as joining a panel with other innovators and builders on ZK Layer 2 Rollups. 

What is Blockchain Life 2024?

In the midst of a rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, Blockchain Life 2024 stands apart as one of the preeminent global crypto conferences, offering attendees a snapshot of where Web3 is at and where it’s going. From April 15th to 16th, the conference promises to redefine perceptions and unveil some of the newest innovations in blockchain. These include restaking, AVS’, interoperability protocols, ZK scaling solutions, and so much more.

As we now enter a bonafide bull market, Web3 itself is undergoing unprecedented transformation.  Blockchain Life is going to be a convergence of some of the greatest minds – visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders – who are shaping the future of DeFi and blockchain infrastructure. With such a fantastic lineup of speakers, conference attendees will gain invaluable insights, and possibly some new alpha, into the most cutting edge technology.

Among those joining Virtual Labs are the trailblazers behind Animoca Brands and Binance. The founder of TRON and the CEO of Tether, along with other prominent figures, will offer their perspectives on the trajectory of DeFi, DePin, and the growing opportunities that lie ahead.

Notably, the Blockchain Life Conference transcends mere discourse, offering a platform for meaningful interaction and collaboration. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and participate in discussions that could continue to shape the future of blockchain. The Virtual Labs team is especially excited to meet Virtualizers and other projects building using ZK State Channels. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the crypto space, Blockchain Life promises to be a watershed conference in the ever-evolving world of Web3.

Other exciting updates

In addition to joining and attending Blockchain Life as a primary speaker, Virtual Labs successfully completed our Tier 1 audit by Halborn and Virtual Rollups were launched on Ethereum mainnet! Our testnet games are still live, and mainnet versions of each game will be released soon.

As always, follow Virtual Labs on Twitter/ X for the most recent development news and join our Discord for potential alpha! 

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