Virtual Labs Launches in 2024!

It’s Time to Get Hype

José.Virtual | Dec 27, 2023

In just one week, Virtual Labs will launch the Virtual Wallet Beta and introduce Virtual Points rewards, your ownership in our protocol. In March of 2024, Virtual Rollups will launch on Mainnet for the first time! In the upcoming year, there will be so many exciting announcements and items to look forward to…including our token generation event.

Source: Virtual Labs

Virtual Wallet Beta and Virtual Points

Virtualizers, get hype! You will be rewarded for being here early. This includes special codes, early access, and more! In one week, existing users will begin with 25,000 Virtual Points and will be able to earn 500 Virtual Points for every game interaction they complete, with a 5,000 daily maximum.

Virtualizers will also earn 50,000 Virtual Points for every genuine user they refer to the Virtual Wallet extension, and 25,000 Virtual Points if the person they referred brings on a new user to the platform.

Virtual Points will determine where you stack up on the weekly leaderboard to earn you additional points and even USDC rewards! The top 100 all-time Virtual Points earners will be awarded a special code that will allow them to deposit ETH at Virtual Rollups mainnet release and share the code to onboard their friends! Users outside of the top 100 leaderboard will not be able to deposit ETH into the protocol unless someone shares a code with them.

Mainnet Launch

With great anticipation, Virtual Rollups will hit Mainnet in March! Following a security audit, Virtual Rollups will eliminate gas, latency, and wallet frictions to deliver a seamless experience to users. Even more, supporters who earn enough Virtual Points will finally be able to deposit into the protocol and begin earning automatic yield.

And Beyond

Virtual Labs will not only launch its zero-gas and automatic yield products, but also the Virtual Bridge, which will enable seamless and trustless cross-chain transfers.

Virtual Labs is also excited to announce that the $VRTL token generation event will occur sometime in late 2024 or in early 2025.

Stay with us!

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