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Virtual Wallet Beta Launch

José.Virtual | Jan 03, 2024

Virtual Labs is excited to present the Virtual Wallet Beta, a webextension that enables users to use blockchain without gas, latency, or wallet pop-ups. We’re launching the Beta in collaboration with Manta Network and CoChilli’s binary options platform.

Users can earn Virtual Points by joining, playing, and referring their friends.

Source: Virtual Labs

How to Earn Virtual Points

Every user has already been airdropped 25,000 Virtual Points. Simply  install the Chrome extension and complete one game action. To ensure the fair distribution of Points to community members, only wallets that are over a month old and hold any amount of crypto will be eligible.

For every game action you complete, you will earn 500 Virtual Points, up to a maximum of 5,000 Points per day.

Finally, existing users can earn points by referring new, genuine users (over a month old with tokens) who install the extension and complete at least one game action. To do this, send your code in the Virtual Wallet to a user who has not already been referred.

For every user you refer, you will earn 50,000 Virtual Points. In turn, if users you refer also refer new genuine users, you will earn 25,000 Virtual Points.

What Are Virtual Points?

Virtual Points have two utilities:

They will translate to a $VRTL Airdrop at TGE.

The top 100 Points holders will earn the ability to deposit ETH and USDC at our Mainnet Launch and earn native yield. These largest Virtual Points holders will also earn mainnet codes that they can share with friends to earn $ETH, $USDC, and $VRTL.

Virtual Points is Virtual Labs’ way of ensuring that true Virtualizers and community members are rewarded.

Source: Virtual Labs

Leaderboards and Mainnet Launch

There are two types of leaderboards: weekly and all-time.

Weekly leaderboards rank users by Virtual Points earned in the past week. For example, this week’s winners will earn the following:

1st Place: 500,000 Virtual Points and 250 USDC

2nd Place: 250,000 Virtual Points and 100 USDC

3rd Place: 100,000 Virtual Points and 50 USDC

3th to 10th Place: 50,000 Virtual Points and 10 USDC

11th to 100th Place: 15,000 Virtual Points

The all-time leaderboard will run from January 3rd to February 29th. The top 100 Virtual Point holders on February 29th will earn the ability to deposit up to 1 ETH at Virtual’s Mainnet Launch. These deposits will earn ETH at near the staking APY (currently ~ 4.5%) + 15% in Virtual Points.

How to View Virtual Points

Get started and see your Points at https://wallet.virtual.tech!


Those who participate in the testnet will have a big role in the mainnet launch. This important stage is all about launching new games, educating new users about the power of zero-gas, and finding bugs while we complete our audit.

Currently, the crypto experience is cumbersome and expensive. Our goal is to make using Web3 as easy as using Web2. This is how we onboard the first billion users to our industry.

Source: Virtual Labs

Join the Virtual Wallet Beta here and follow for updates here. Virtual Labs liftoff is now!

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