Virtual Rollups Whitelist Mainnet Launches

Tier 1 Audit of Virtual Rollups is complete; Virtual Rollups hit Mainnet

After 1 year of development, iteration, testnet launches, and demos, Virtual Rollups are finally on Mainnet! Users can now deposit $ETH and $USDC into the Virtual Wallet, and soon users will be able to place real money bets on CoChilli Binary Options and Dedprz’s CoinFlip, thereby earning real rewards! For the top 500 testnet winners, this mainnet launch also provides an opportunity to earn unprecedented rewards and secure a spot for AutoYield APY. Here’s how to take part and join the whitelist. Keep in mind that Virtual is only accepting $1M in deposits in the launch.

Virtual Rollups Whitelist Mainnet Launches

To ensure total security of the Virtual Rollup infrastructure, we have partnered with the renowned blockchain security firm Halborn. Halborn’s track record is immaculate: none of their customers have seen exploitations since being audited. The combination of rigorous testnet usage plus security auditing come together to provide an elite, trustless gaming experience free from gas fees and latency.

What are Virtual Rollups?

Virtual Rollups are powered by the Virtual Engine and offer a seamless UX, free from costly gas fees and pesky latency. In short, Virtual Rollups bring a Web2 UX to Web3, thereby onboarding the first billion users.

To learn more about how Virtual Rollups work and why they are revolutionizing Web3 UX, read our technical blog post!

Join the Whitelist; Earn Rewards

The top 500 all-time Virtual Points holders have a special opportunity to earn more Virtual Points, secure their spot for upcoming AutoYield APY, and obtain future codes to share with their friends. All you need to do is join the Whitelist. Here’s how:

  1. Users in the top 500 Virtual Points holders have 24 hours to deposit into the Virtual Wallet. Minimum deposits are 0.1 ETH, and you earn 10 million Virtual Points for every ETH (or equivalent USDC amount) deposited. For example, depositing .2 ETH or 660 USDC earns you 2 million Virtual Points, and Virtual Points will translate to $VRTL when we approach TGE. 
  2. You can withdraw your funds at any time after depositing, but you will lose your spot for AutoYield as well as all of the Virtual Points accumulated. Virtual Points rewards and AutoYield APY will only be given to users who keep their funds locked until May 2024. Once the Virtual Whitelist Mainnet opens to all users, Whitelisted depositors will earn referral codes based on their deposit amount to earn additional rewards. Whitelisted users will be rewarded generously for sharing their codes.
Virtual Rollups Whitelist Mainnet Launches
  1. If you choose not to deposit within the first 24 hours, you are no longer eligible to participate in the Whitelist.
  2. In May, through partnerships with Lido, MakerDAO or other yield accounts, users with funds in their Virtual Wallet will begin to accrue 5%-10% AutoYield on their $ETH and $USDC
  3. In the coming weeks, we will provide depositors with special referral codes that can be shared with friends and followers. Users will be rewarded generously for sharing these codes with APY and Virtual Points and encouraging their friends to sign up with their access code.

Although the current whitelist is limited to the top 500 users, we will continue to open spots on the Whitelist for the most active Virtual Wallet and Virtual Rollups users. Continue playing CoChilli and Dedprz to qualify, as well as supporting the Virtual Twitter and Discord!