Virtual Wallet Testnet Guide

How to Play and Earn with Virtual

Arya.Virtual and José.Virtual | Jan 11, 2024

Here’s the Step-By-Step Guide to Using Virtual Wallet

1/ Create an Account

   - Download the Extension from the Chrome Web Store

   - Navigate to

   - Connect Your MetaMask (or other) Wallet.

   - Select 'Virtual Labs Wallet' within the extension.

   - Enter your referral code to instantly receive 25,000 Virtual Points. You can find one from your friends or in our Discord or X. To ensure the fair distribution of Virtual Points, only genuine wallets which have existed for more than one month and have gas tokens will be considered.

2/ Play Games on the Virtual Rollup, including CoChilli Binary Options, DEDPRZ Coin Flip, and ZK Blackjack!

   - Navigate to the dashboard and select “Play.”

   - Connect Your MetaMask to the selected game, CoChilli in this example

   - Opt for 'Use Virtual Rollup' to begin. 

- Claim your initial trading funds through the Faucet.

    - Place a bet for however much you want.

   - Set your trading duration (Defaults to one minute).

   - Deposit the amount, approve USDC, and start your betting session.

   - Decide whether to trade Up or Down.

- Repeat!

- When you finished playing CoChilli, or other games that Virtual will soon launch, you can click on Finish Session

 - Remember: Each trade earns you 5,000 Virtual Points, up to a maximum of 10 trades per day.

DedPRZ Guide 

  • Click on Coin Flip in your Virtual dashboard
  • Select “Connect Wallet” and connect your MetaMask (or other) Wallet to the platform
  • Claim your initial trading funds through the Faucet.
  • Then deposit your desired amount of token to the session
  • Decide whether to wager on heads or tails as many times as you want. When you’re finished playing, click “Close Channel” to withdraw your funds.

ZKBlackjack Guide

  • Open your dashboard and select Blackjack
  • Connect your wallet to the platform
  • Click on Faucet to get the test tokens that you need to play the game
  • Next, deposit your desired amount into the session by clicking “Start Game”
  • Choose your wager amount and select claim cards to start the game. Play as many times as you want then close the session to withdraw your funds.

3/ Referral Program

   - In the Virtual Wallet, Share your unique referral code with friends.

   - Every new user who joins with your code adds 50,000 Points to your account.

   - Earn 25,000 derivative rewards if your friends also start to refer other people!

4/ Weekly Leaderboards

   - Stay active and climb the weekly leaderboard.

   - Top positions will earn USDC rewards, 2,000 in total, at the end of each week.

   - Keep an eye on your ranking for more opportunities.

   - The all-time leaders will earn special keys to be eligible to use Virtual’s mainnet launch

5/ Stay Updated

   - Regularly check for updates and new features on our platform.

   - Virtual will continuously partner with and launch new games for you to seamlessly play with ZeroGas!

   - Keep engaging with the community for more ways to earn points. Join our Community!

Thank you for being a part of the Virtual Wallet community. Let's Streamline Web3 UX through ZK State Channels together! 

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