Workable Web3 Summit Was a Hit!

433 Guests, 24 Speakers, 8 Hosting Projects and A Lot of Fun

José.virtual |  Nov 22, 2023

José from Virtual Labs introduces Workable Web3 Summit

Workable Web3 Summit’s inaugural event in Istanbul’s Devconnect was a smashing success! We welcomed nearly half a thousand guests into the Sofitel’s ballroom stage where we heard from speakers at Aztec, Figment Capital, O1 Labs, Manta, Yale Blockchain, Geometry, Proof of Play, OP Crypto, and more.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so let’s walk through the event in images:

Photo Album Memories

The Virtual Labs team travels for two hours into Asian Istanbul to get the final design!

Opening ceremony: Workability is about usability + scalability to bring about mainstream adoption
Proof of Play, Virtual Labs, Azuro, Africa Rare, and CoChilli talk Fully Onchain Gaming
Virtual Labs, Lumoz, Primev, and Zero Gravity Labs discuss Scalability
Meet the Virtual Labs team!
The audience asks questions and discusses
Our team answers
Lunch is served! <- People love lunch. Our post about snacks got 17,000 views, wow!

Plus some networking

Meina from Native gives a phenomenal talk on capital efficiency

Banana HQ, Blocto, and Virtual Labs plan the future of Account Abstraction!

Dougie from Figment illustrates how to achieve workability in Web3 while maintaining decentralization

The investors talk! OP Crypto, Geometry, and Figment talk trends they’re excited about

The Zero Knowledge panel is absolutely stacked with speakers from Aztec, O1 Labs, Virtual Labs, Manta Network, and Electron handing out boatloads of alpha for free

Kenny from Manta Network closes Workable with inspiring words about coming innovation

And that’s a wrap! Could not have done it without you, team :)

What’s to Come

A huge shoutout to all of our sponsors at Manta Network, DWF Labs, Native, OP Crypto, Decrypt, and Biconomy! You made this event awesome.

The event was such a success you can look out for future events at ETH Denver and beyond!

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