Virtual Labs Announces ETH Denver Workable Web3 Summit and Workable Hacker House

Co-hosted with Manta Network and CoChilli

After much success at the Workable Web3 Summit at DevConnect Istanbul, we’re excited to announce that the Workable Web3 Summit is back for ETH Denver! In addition to our all day event, we are hosting a Workable Hacker House which will host up to 15 hackers. Manta Network and CoChilli are co hosting Workable along with sponsors and speakers from Decrypt, NodeKit, BuildersTribe, Animoca, DWF, Aztec, o(1) Labs, Harvard, and Yale Blockchain. The event will happen on February 29th in Downtown Denver and covers all topics from zero knowledge proofs to account abstraction to scalability. Register for tickets while early bird spots remain!

What is Workable?

The Workable Web3 Summit is about improving blockchain usability and scalability to bring about mainstream adoption. It answers the questions: “Why is Web3 not mainstream?” and “How do we get there?” 

The goal of Workable is to bring together industry leaders in the realms of user experience, scalability, smart accounts, MEV, zero knowledge proofs, gaming, and more. By enabling these conversations, we can begin to identify problems and propose solutions to critical UX and scalability drawbacks within Web3.

“Let’s Make Web3 Workable” is the rallying cry for making the value and experience of blockchain better than that of the traditional web.

Who will be there?

We are excited to co-host alongside Manta Network and CoChilli. Our strategic partnership has been instrumental to our successful 2024 start, and we plan to continue the momentum at ETH Denver. We are thrilled to present numerous panels and speakers over the course of the full day event, including the likes of Animoca, Decrypt, Blocto, NodeKit, ZeroGravity, BuildersTribe, DWF, Aztec, o(1) Labs, Aethos, Harvard and Yale Blockchain. As well as hackers who will pitch to a panel of investors and judges in the Workable Demo Day!

What is the Workable Hacker House?

We’re thrilled to announce a Hacker House as part of the Workable Web3 Summit. Housing is free for admitted hackers and will be provided from Feb. 28 through March 4. Over the course of the conference, hackers at the house will build using the Virtual Labs tech stack. An ideal project would be integrating an existing game with the Virtual Engine to remove all user frictions from the gameplay experience.

The best projects from the Hacker House will be invited to pitch to investors and a panel of judges at the Demo Day event. The Demo Day will be the first event of the day at the Workable Summit, and is your chance to see what real capital allocators and other founders think of your idea.

Apply for the Hacker House and/or Demo Day here!

Where do I sign up?

Sign up for the event here:

And join our Telegram chat here:

The event will take place from 10:00 - 18:00 on Thursday, February 29th, 2024 in downtown Denver. Full address is provided upon registration to the event!

Here is the tentative schedule. This is subject to change up to the day of the event:

10-11am: Coffee and Networking

11am - 12pm: Demo Day

12pm: Lunch Break + Networking

12:45pm: CoChilli Keynote - Trading Competition

1:05pm: Animoca Keynote-  Future of Web3 Gaming

1:20pm: Useability and Scalability Panel - ZeroGravity, Blocto, Harvard, Virtual Labs

1:50pm: ZK Panel

2:20pm: Coffee Break + Networking

3:20pm: Aztec Keynote - Recent Advancements in ZK

3:40pm: Interoperability Panel - NodeKit, Geometry, Virtual Labs

4:10pm: Networking Break

5:00pm: Virtual Keynote -  Streamlining Web3 UX Through ZK State Channels

5:30pm: Manta Network - Closing Remarks

We can’t wait to see you there!