Virtual Labs Partners with Halborn prior to Mainnet Launch

Virtual Rollups undergo Tier 1 Audit prior to Mainnet release

In preparation for the Mainnet launch of Virtual Rollups, Virtual Labs engaged Tier 1 blockchain security firm Halborn to conduct a security analysis of the Virtual Rollups smart contracts and cryptography. This highest level of security possible creates smart contracts safe for your depositing and use.

Source: Virtual Labs

Halborn was established in 2019 and specializes in blockchain security, providing blockchain security advisory, penetration testing, smart contract audits and devops & automation services. Security never ends, and Halborn serves as a third-party partner to continuously assess Virtual Labs’ most vital assets, drive maximum value, and provide world-class cybersecurity consulting and execution every step of the way — far beyond smart contracts. They are an award-winning firm, providing elite cybersecurity for emerging technologies. Notably, Halborn’s track record is immaculate: none of their customers have seen exploitations since being audited. 

The market is extremely competitive for auditing firms, and Virtual only partners with the absolute best. Security is the foundation of the Virtual Engine, and we’re convinced that Halborn is the perfect partner to ensure Virtual Rollups are exploit-free. Halborn is trusted by major firms and protocols including Solana, Ava Labs, Thorchain, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Dapper Labs, Phantom, Polygon, and Sushiswap, among others. We’re confident the Halborn team will eliminate any possible exploits within Virtual Rollups. They will continue to be a key partner in the Virtual Ecosystem far into the future.

We’re thrilled to work with such trusted professionals given the importance Virtual places on the security of our protocols. Rob Behnke, the Halborn CEO, said "At Halborn, we are excited to bring in our team of cybersecurity experts to assess Virtual Labs whose mission is to streamline web3 UX through ZK state channels for mainstream adoption. Our team is looking forward to leverag[ing] our security expertise in securing their project’s smart contracts."

As part of our ongoing partnership, we’re also excited to welcome Halborn as a speaker at the Workable Web3 Summit in ETH Denver. To learn more about their history and how we’re partnering to create safe, scalable architecture, sign up for Workable here!

What are Virtual Rollups?

Virtual Rollups are powered by the Virtual Engine, and it is one of our existing go-to-market products. Partner projects and dApps that integrate Virtual Rollups are able to offer a seamless UX, free from costly gas fees and pesky latency. As part of Virtual’s ongoing incentivized testnet, we’ve partnered with three different games to bring frictionless, ZeroGas, and elite Web3 UX to life. Play and understand the power of Virtual Rollups through CoChilli Binary Options, DedPrz CoinFlip, or ZK Blackjack.

Prior to launching Virtual Rollups on mainnet, Virtual plans to unlock more games for existing users as part of the ongoing Beta Testnet. Play the games to earn more Virtual Points, then stake those points to start earning AutoYield! Virtual Points will translate to $VRTL when we approach TGE. Also, be sure to follow us on X at @0xVirtualLabs and join our Discord Community to get the latest updates! 

To learn more about Halborn, check them out at the links below:


Halborn Twitter

Halborn LinkedIn

Halborn Youtube


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